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Force 120 H.P. (1997) [0E203000 THRU 0E287999] - USA - Cat.# 90-809770

 > Mercury Marine [Updated: Feb. 18, 2023] > Outboard > Force > 120 H.P. (1997) > [0E203000 THRU 0E287999] - USA - Cat.# 90-809770


Cowl Assembly (Top) Diagram 20013

1) 0100 819747A7 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY (Without Decals)

13) 0037 820738A95 DECAL SET Top Cowl (Force Models) (Includes Front-Rear-Port-Starboard)
NS 0037 809862A96 DECAL SET Top Cowl (Force Tracker Models) (Includes Front-Port And Starboard Upper And Lower Wraparound Style) [0E138600] THRU [0E252999]
NS 0037 852954A97 DECAL SET Top Cowl (Force Tracker Models) (Includes Front-Port And Starboard Upper And Lower Wraparound Style) [0E253000] THRU [0E287999]

Outboard  2 Stroke Carb  6 / 8 / 9.8 / 9.9 HP (2 CYL.) (International) SEAPRO - Cat.# 90-889473006 

 > Mercury Marine [Updated: May. 20, 2023] > Outboard > 2 Stroke Carb > 9.9 (2 CYL.) (International) > [0N260037 & Up] - International - Cat.# 90-889473006

[0N260037 & Up] - International

Cowling Diagram 17251

16) 0114 803792A08 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY No decals (Black)
16) 0114 803792A09 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY No decals (Silver)

803792A08, 803792A09,
803792A08 803792A09

Decals Top Cowl Diagram 68593

1) 0098 8M0097222 DECAL SET Mercury 6/8/9.9 HP [0N239570] & Up
- 0037 8592711 DECAL M-Icon [0N239569] & Below
- 0037 8M0055007 DECAL Mercury, Port 6/8 HP [0N239569] & Below
- 0037 8M0055010 DECAL Mercury, Starboard 6/8 HP [0N239569] & Below
- 0037 897505002 DECAL Rear 6 Mercury [0N239569] & Below
- 0037 897505003 DECAL Rear 8 Mercury [0N239569] & Below
- 0037 804994A00 DECAL SET SeaPro [0N239569] & Below
- 009) 8M0098708 DECAL SET SeaPro [0N239570] & Up
- 0037 889471A03 DECAL SET Mariner 6
- 0037 889472A03 DECAL SET Mariner 8

4 Stroke 360 APEX - Cat.# 90-8M0181147

 > Mercury Marine [Updated: May. 26, 2023] > Outboard > 4 Stroke > 360 APEX > [1E054247 THRU 99999999999999999] - Cat.# 90-8M0181147

Cowl Diagram 72619

1) 0100 8M0176575 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY
10) 0100 8M0176570 LOWER COWL ASSEMBLY Trimmed
19) 0100 8M0142223 LOWER REAR COWL ASSEMBLY Black
23) 0000 8M0176572 ACCENT PANEL
34) 0100 8M0176574 COVER Driveshaft Housing Starboard
35) 0100 8M0176573 COVER Driveshaft Housing Port



Decals Diagram 72640

1) 0037 8M0176584 DECAL SET Top Cowl
2) 0037 8M0151525 DECAL MI-CON 53 MM, Racing
3) 0037 8M0080153 DECAL M-ICON 66 MM Racing
4) 0037 8M0176585 DECAL SET Chap Set


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    IMPORTANT: This document guides our dealers, boatbuilders, and company service personnel in the proper installation or service of our products. If you have not been trained in the recommended servicing or installation procedures for these or similar Mercury Marine products, have the work performed by an authorized Mercury Marine dealer technician. Improper installation or servicing of the Mercury product could result in damage to the product or personal injury to those installing or operating the product.
    NOTE:After completing installation, place these instructions with the product for the owner's future use.
    IMPORTANT: This decal set must be applied dry. Do not use a soap and water mixture to apply this decal set.

    Tools, Materials, and Surface Requirements

    Tools and Materials

    • Decal application squeegee (3M® Applicator PA 1 Gold - recommended)
    • Air release tool (3M Air Release Tool 391x) or a straight pin - used to remove trapped air bubbles
    • Clean microfiber towel (Meguiar’s® Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel - recommended)
    • Spray bottles and labels for each cleaning solution
    • Cleaning solution:
      a. Liquid dishwashing soap
      b. Isopropyl alcohol
      IMPORTANT: Identify each spray bottle of cleaning solution with a label.

    Surface Requirements

    Special attention is required when applying decals to certain surfaces, including primed, painted, and certain plastics. All
    painted surfaces must be cured per the manufacturer's requirements. When applying decals to plastic surfaces, allow proper
    time for out gassing.

    Surface Preparation

    Application Temperature

    Apply the decal when the surface and ambient air temperature is between 16-373 °C (61-99 °F).
    NOTE: Applying the decal near the minimum temperature specification, the adhesive bond will develop more slowly than temperature in the mid to upper specification range.

    Step One General Cleaning

    IMPORTANT: Do not shortcut the cleaning process. All of the surfaces are considered contaminated prior to a thorough
    surface cleaning preparation.

    1. Mix a solution of 29.5 cc (1 fl oz) liquid dishwashing detergent with 3.7 Liter (4 US qt) of warm water.
    2. Rinse cowl with clean water.
    3. Dry the cowl with a clean Meguiar‘s Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel.
    4. Avoid detergents or preparations that contain waxes, oils, or lotions.

    Step Two Solvent Cleaning

    1. Mix a solution of isoprooyl alcohol and water to a 1:1 ratio. Store in a spray bottle and identify the solution with a label.
    2. Saturate a clean paper towel with the isopropyl alcohol and water solution.
    3. Wipe the cowl with the saturated towel followed immediately with a lint-free towel before the solution evaporates.
    NOTE: Isopropyl a/coho/ evaporates quickly. You must Wipe the surface immediately after applying the solution.
    4. When the paper towel becomes contaminated with dirt, discard it and use a clean paper towel saturated with the
    isopropyl alcohol and water solution.
    5. Ensure the surface has no contamination and is completely dry.
    6. Start to apply the decals immediately after solvent cleaning.

    Decal Application

    Application Tips

    1. Ensure that the surrounding work area and the surface are properly cleaned to avoid contamination.

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